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What People are Saying About Plundered


“Since his successful campaign to stop the U.S. Senate from ratifying the UN Biodiversity treaty, Dr. Michael Coffman has been America's foremost authority on the dangers of Agenda 21 and the radical sustainability movement. In Plundered, Dr. Coffman explains how "progressive" politicians and tax-exempt NGOs have undermined the foundations of America's law, liberty, economy, and culture. His book shows why America must change course before it is too late." Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum

"I have followed Dr. Michael Coffman's work since the '90's when I first heard him speak to a gathering of national leaders, because I have found his integrity and credibility in research to be not only highly informative, but trustworthy. Our radio listeners appreciate his up-to-date reporting on the pressing issues facing our nation, both on the air, and in his DVDs and books, such as Plundered, How Progressive Ideology is Destroying America. I personally appreciate his courage to stand for the truth, often in the face of opposition from colleagues in his profession."  
Sharon Hughes, Founder and President, The Center for Changing Worldviews, Radio Host and Journalist

Plundered is the book I have always intended to write, tying “it” all together. A marvelous, marvelous job. You and your wife share the passion of me and my wife Pam—“truth telling” about Agenda 21, Maurice Strong, the New World Order, regional planners, California's cap and trade, the overhaul of education in America to omit our Christian heritage, et al. That makes you our hero.

Meantime - congratulations to you and your wonderful wife for committing the time and resources to get this book into print. And be encouraged—momentum is changing, the public is becoming both educated and aware and more and more citizens are becoming educated, activated and motivated to return America back to being “one nation under God.”  Duffy and Company—Live from LA, Warren Duffy


“I have watched Dr. Coffman's tireless efforts to awaken America from the stupor of creeping collectivism. The historic insights he details within this book will help all citizens better understand our national peril - just in time for the 2012 election cycle. Great job, Dr. Coffman.”

Jeffrey C. Borneman, Financial Risk Manager
This is perhaps the most timely, important, disturbing, well documented, lucid, and action inspiring commentary I’ve seen.  It seems that any society has within it the seeds of its own destruction, and Dr. Coffman discloses – naming names(!) - what has been going on behind the scenes for many years to tear down this nation...our United States of America.

To say this book is a “must read” is a gross understatement!  Exceedingly seriously, Bob Heltman