1 – A War of Worldviews and Crushing Debt


Progressive Democrats vs. Republicans

The Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program (BSTEP)

The Forgotten Depression, 1920-1921

Repeating Wilson’s Disaster in the 21st Century

The High Cost of Regulations and Taxes

2 – Philosophical Origins of the Two Warring Worldviews

John Locke, Nature’s God and Property Rights

The Purpose of Government – Protect Property Rights

Jean Jacques Rousseau, State Control and Godlessness

Property Rights Are Evil

Civil Religion 

The French Revolution

Can It Happen In America?

3 – Wrongly Using the Law to Plunder

Free Market Capitalism Creates Prosperity for All

Misplaced Philanthropy

Plundering by Environmental Law

The High Cost of Socialism

The Vicious Nature of Legalized Plunder

What to Expect

4 – History of Progressivism

Nineteenth Century History and Twentieth Century Reality

Example: Wisconsin Public Employees’ Union

Psychology of Progressivism in the 21st Century

Blame the Rich and the United States 

Gun Control

Hate Slogans

Destined to Fail

5 – Politics of Deceit and the U.S./Global Debt Crisis

The Debt Crisis

Political Chicken and the Art of Blame-Shifting

‘Tax the Rich’ Class Warfare 

The Art of Blame Shifting 

No Intention of Finding Solutions 

The Danger of Policy Based on Emotion

6 – Collapsing America

Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals

Ideology Trumps America’s National Security

Cloward and Piven

The 2009 Stimulus Plan

Stimulus 2.0

The Radical Army of NGOs, Politicians and Media

Politicians and NGOs 

The Mainstream Media

7 – The Final Collapse?

Occupy Wall Street

OWS Highly Organized and Funded

The Brink of Total Financial Collapse

A Series of Failed “Solutions”

The New Global Financial Architecture

8 – The Anglo-American Establishment

An explanation of a difficult subject

Carroll Quigley—The Insider Historian

The British-American Anglophile Network

Creating the Global Financial Cartel

Lust for World Government

Voter Beware 

9 -- Institutions and People

Penetration of the CFR into American Policy and Politics

BSTEP and the Planned Society

Control by Planning “Experts”

George Soros – Anatomy of a Modern Global Elitist

Replacing the Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency 

The Making of a Twisted Psyche? 

An Army of Tax-Exempt Radical NGOs 

The Late, Great U.S. Dollar

10 – Corrupting Education 1800-1945

The Tragic State of American Education

The Attack on Education, 1800-1945

Horace Mann (1800-1850's)

Stanley Hall

John Dewey 

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Role of Tax-Exempt Foundations

Revising History Textbooks 

The Role of UNESCO

11 – Corrupting Education, 1945-2012

Using Psychology to Program Students

The Frederic Skinner, Kinsey, Bloom Psychiatry Gang (1940s-1980s)

Marching towards BSTEP

UNESCO, The Soviet Union and Mastery Learning 

God is Dead, Mastery Learning and Outcome-Based Education

The National Education Association

The UN World Core Curriculum and Goals 2000

The Dangers of OBE and Goals 2000

Federal Takeover of Education in 1994

Goodbye History and Math

No Child Left Behind

12 – Agenda 21

The Birth of Agenda 21

The Adirondack Park Template 

Smart Growth/Comprehensive Planning 

Agenda 21

Sustainable America

The Earth Charter

Global Warming 


13 – What Must be Done

The Importance of America’s Judeo-Christian Foundation

Christian Morality Constitutional Glue 

A Case in Point

Needed Governmental Changes

The Road to November 2012

Throw the Rascals Out

References and Citations (800+ citations)




 Radical Islam At the Door In the House


1 - Islamization

Two Major Islamic Sects



Shari’a Law


2 - Civilization Jihad

The Muslim Brotherhood

The Brotherhood Strategy

Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan

Ongoing Efforts

Obama Supporting Islamist Activity


3 - Wahhabi Islam: The Royal Puppet Masters

Saudi Arabia—Birthplace of Wahhabism

9/11 Inconsistencies


4 – Islamic Networking to Penetrate and Influence

Islamists in Key Positions of Power

Huma and Saleha Abedin

Dr. Abdullah Nasif

Mohamed Elibiary

Mohamed Magid


5 – Of Corruption, Deception and Outright Evil

Islamists Determining U.S. Policy


Attack and Destroy


6 - The Obama Connection

The Inexplicable Explained?

The Islamist Obamas in Kenya

Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America


7 – Real-World Biblical Implications

The Mahdi vs. Jesus

The Mahdi


The Greatest of All Deceivers

Death to Muslim Moderates


8 – Jihad and the God of War

The Destroyer

Salvation and Jihad

Jihad, the Bible and the “Mark”

The Treaty of Hudaibiyah

The Great Delusion

Islamists and Progressive Liberals Linked?


9 – ISIS

ISIS Origins

Self-Proclaimed Caliph

From ISIS to the Islamic State

Imaginary Lines

Buldozing Borders

At War With the Trinity

What Obama Plans to Do About It