America Plundered 

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You know something is terribly wrong with this nation. It is rapidly moving away from the principles laid down in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Your instincts also tell you there is also something wrong, or incomplete about what the media is telling you. You also know that you must be informed to make good decisions, but you realize your knowledge is incomplete. It is EPI's intent to inform and arm you with the cutting-edge knowledge you need to have to make good decisions. We at EPI realized from research we were directly involved in during the late 1980s and 90s that the media was not telling the entire story about how the loss of private property rights and the dangers of over-regulation due to environmentalism, smart growth, comprehensive planning, global warming, and geopolitical agendas promoted by the United Nations (UN). It is even worse in the 2000s. These were, and are still taking a terrible toll on the American people. Today's strangling gasoline and heating prices are but one small example. Food prices are soaring and people in the world are starving because they cannot afford food that used to be cheap. It didn't have to happen this way, but it was deliberately created through greed, ideology, indoctrination and ignorance. We provide information the media leaves out – the other side of the story!

Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI) an educational-research organization that since 1992 has been helping citizens and organizations across America to understand the dangers of extreme environmentalism at the national and international level and find balance between environmental protection and the constitutional rights of individuals. The effort on the part of the international community to create a world government and religion has far reaching implications. Our goal is to help people understand the consequences to them and our nation if our politics are driven by a belief that big government is the answer to everything and that nature is god and humans are destroying it.

EPI provides articles, books, videos, maps, lectures and other media to help citizens across America to understand and develop solutions to specific issues which threaten our Constitution and our way of life in America; threats which include insidious property rights infringements, as well as attacks on our freedom to worship as we plea
We also provide assistance in understanding how false environmental catastrophes like global warming and ecosystem destruction are being used to justify the need for global governance (a euphemism for world government) and religion. Towards that end, EPI provides DVDs, books, reports and articles on these subjects, and services such as writing and speaking on specific issues for organizations.

Since 1992, our purpose has been to sound a warning to America of serious threats to our freedom.

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