Radical Islam In The House  has been Updated and exposes the shocking penetration of Radical Islam into the Obama administration and our  culture. Despite Egypt and the UAE declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, President Obama and progressives have invited them into every corner of the government to take over the United States. It is perhaps the most dangerous threat to American sovereignty today because no one is aware of it. Most important, stunning Biblical prophecies seem to warn that this virulent antichrist belief system will take over the world. A MUST READ for every American!

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America Plundered 

A loving tribute to Michael coffman

Since 1992, our purpose has been to sound a warning to America of serious threats to our freedom.

Plundered details how the progressive agenda has slowly but systematically strangled this great nation. It details who, why and how it is being done. Early psychiatrists in the 19th century were even then sounding the alarm. Progressivism is a cancer. It is part of a global agenda that is destroying America. It is evil. The November elections solidified the death-grip progressivism has on America. The only way to restore the nation back to its constitutional foundations, the rule of law, and prosperity is to expose the progressive lie and eliminate this cancer and the disaster it has created.